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browser based strategy game built on Ethereum

Terracon Quest: Ancient Greek Massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game

Embark on an epic historical journey through Ancient Greece! Lead legendary armies, form powerful alliances, and explore ancient greek universe in a new highly immersive, massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game.

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Read about the state founders block. The core collectibe of Terracon Quest autonomous world.

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State founders block - the game governance token

While your ‘State Founders Block’ serves as a governance token, it’s not a requirement to play the game. It’s just part of the immersive strategy, giving you a stake in the Terracon world.

This token should be in the hands of the game builders, history & philosophy lovers and most passionate players of the game.
City Center - Agora. People trading. Ancient Greece.

Controlling the gold mines

The primary goal as you progress will be ownership of the gold mines. These will be the most valuable points on the map, and you’ll have to defend them to remain in control. While in control – you’ll be able to extract the gold and make bank.

How the game be played?

Build the game together and advance by adding new features.

Our ‘Technology Trees’ serve as the launching pad for in-game advancements. For instance, introducing a ‘Siege Weaponry Maker’ would enable the addition of powerful Siege Weapons, expanding your military capabilities.

Leveraging the versatility of blockchain technology, buildings function as ERC-721 tokens and resources as ERC-1155 tokens. This allows for endless variations and expansion, setting the stage for a truly immersive and expansive MMORTS gaming experience.

Adding more depth to gameplay, we plan to introduce powerful figures such as Alexander the Great as recruitable heroes. Unlocking these characters in the late game can give your units significant advantages, like a 50% boost in damage, radically altering the balance of power on the battlefield.

Technology Advancements Tree

For those with a keen mind and a thirst for knowledge, the Technology Advancements Tree is the path to enlightenment. Here, ancient Greek engineers and inventors reveal the secrets of their most advanced technologies, from the water mill to the odometer. As we master each new technology, new units, buildings, and resources are unlocked, allowing you to conquer your enemies and build a civilization that will stand the test of time.
Ancient Greek Engineer and Researcher building a catapult

Art & Philosophy Advancements Tree

For those with a creative soul and a love for beauty, the Art & Philosophy Tree is the path to enlightenment. Here, the greatest minds and artists of ancient Greece offer their wisdom and their works, from the works of Plato and Aristotle to the Parthenon frieze. As you explore these new concepts and creations, new bonuses and abilities are unlocked, allowing you to inspire your people and build a culture that will be remembered for centuries to come.

Famous Inhabitants Advancements Tree

For those with a fascination for history and a love for heroes, the Famous Inhabitants Tree is the path to enlightenment. Here, the greatest minds and heroes of ancient Greece offer their wisdom and their strength, from Socrates and Homer to Alexander the Great.
Secret Society Gathering

Your city-state

The state founders block is the core collectible of the world. It comes in a form of Agora – a central public space, where all your ruling elite gathers to make important decisions, like what next building to build or what other city-state go to war with.
Ancient Greek Bow Craftsman

Balanced economy

Terracon Quest is built on a sustainable model, independent of new investors. Players kick-start each round by depositing ERC-20 tokens into the game vault. This treasure is then scattered across the Gold Mines of the map, awaiting the most strategic players to claim their riches.